Saturday, July 13, 2013

Waffles - Great for Busy School Mornings

This morning I made waffles. Delicious, whole grain, healthy waffles! As with the spanakopita we ate some and the rest went into the freezer. I have frozen these before during the school year for a quick breakfast and they freeze very well. Just pop them in your toaster and they are ready to go! I love that this recipe uses whole wheat flour, flax seed, applesauce etc. 
Seriously, these are delicious! They have a nice  nutty flavor to them and are just slightly sweet. A must try if you like waffles or need something quick in the mornings that can be eaten in the car if necessary - I cover mine with peanut butter and wrap them up in a paper towel for those especially busy mornings. Click on the picture for the link to this recipe.

This morning I covered mine with greek yogurt, some 
thawed berries and of course, maple syrup - REAL 
maple syrup, not that maple flavored corn syrup. YUM!! My husband loves these waffles too, although he goes the more traditional butter and syrup (maple - he's been converted!) route. 

These waffles are now in the freezer just waiting to be eaten! 
I hope you enjoy this recipe! They are great for busy school mornings so keep this recipe in mind for when the school year starts and things get hectic again.

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