Monday, July 15, 2013

FUN Fine Motor Activities for your Preschooler or Kindergartener

Do you have an energetic little preschooler who will be going to Kindergarten soon? Here are some great activities that you can do with your little one to help get him or her get ready for all the writing they will be doing in Kindergarten. 
These are also great things to do with your current Kindergartener who may still be struggling with his or her fine motor skills. 

*Hide beads in play dough and have your child pick them all out
       *to make this more educational use alphabet beads         
*Use a turkey bastor to blow ping pong balls into a goal
*String pony or alphabet beads/dyed pasta onto pipe cleaners
       *to make this more educational have your child make patterns
         or spell their name with the beads/pasta
*Use fingers/tweezers to pick up pompoms, buttons, dried beans...
       *move from one dish to another or sort by size/color
*Work puzzles
*Pour sand, rice, dried beans etc. from one container to another
*Use broken crayons to color - this encourages children to pinch
        instead of grasping with the whole hand
*Sort your snack! When eating colored goldfish or the like have 
        your child use their thumb and pointer finger to pick and 
        sort their snack before eating
*Cut a whole in the top of a bottle and have your child push
        pennies, marbles etc, through the top

These are all activities I have done with my Preschool and Kindergarten students. Make sure to have fun doing these activities with your young ones! You don't want to push them or stress them out. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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