Sunday, July 28, 2013

Classroom Organization Tips

It's almost time to start thinking about school again! If you are anything like me, setting up your classroom for the year is one of your favorite things to do. It's a chance to start fresh, try new things and change what you feel didn't work from the year before. I love being able to reorganize my room and get things all ready to go for my new class of little ones!!
This is a great idea! I have two of these bins. I label a drawer for each day of the week and one for copying. I put all the papers and smaller books I will need for each day in the drawers and it works GREAT! I also make sets of things I will need a few weeks ahead of time, clip them together and date them. I love the idea of having a "Grade" and "File" drawer as well. Going to have to try that!

I love this! Nice way to keep students from interrupting you while you are teaching.

This is a fantastic idea, especially if you teach younger grades. There are SO many things that we have to get ready for each new little one who joins our class! Definitely doing this.

Click on this picture to take you to The  Classroom Creative for even more fantastic ideas!

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