Thursday, August 28, 2014

Teaching with Intention: Chapter Two

This chapter is all about aligning your beliefs about teaching with your practices. This is not easy to do!! It can take time and work to define your beliefs and then set about trying to actually put them into practice, to align them with your teaching. Some teachers walk into the classroom with beliefs on day one, others may have thought about it but may not know exactly what they believe, and still others may have never given their specific beliefs about teaching a second thought at all. 
I was one who walked in with beliefs on the very first day. I knew exactly how I wanted to teach and what values I wanted to instill in my students, however then I hit the wall of time and testing and curriculum requirements, and it became harder and harder to teach they way I had dreamed I would. It is not an easy job being a teacher, but it is oh such an important one. We must try to and find some sort of way to rise above the stress of the what the district requires of us. Do I have all of the answers? Absolutely not! However reading this book has helped me begin thinking once again about my beliefs and values, and how I can make sure to pass these on to my students. 
Do you have specific beliefs about teaching? Have you aligned them with your teaching or are you still working on it? I would love to hear from you!

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