Sunday, August 3, 2014

Diggin' In ~ 5 Senses Book Pack

Hello Friends!!

Whew, things have been a little nuts lately, sorry for my absence! I am excited to share one of my favorite products for the beginning of the school year with you, and tell you about the AWESOME Giveaway that I am taking part in as a finale to this Diggin' In Series!

Ok, let me tell you a little bit about my 5 Senses Book Pack. I created this because I had students at several different levels of ability. This is especially pronounced in Kindergarten ~ you get some babes coming you who can read at a second grade level and some who don't know the difference between numbers and letters, and can't write their name. I love being able to differentiate for my students while still having them all work on the same project and feel included. With this book pack all the students color the same pages in the same order, they just write different amounts depending on their ability. 

Here are a few examples from my 5 Senses Book Pack

If you like this and think that you like to use it with your students, now's the time to snatch it up! The TpT Back to School SALE starts TOMORROW {Monday the 4th} and my ENTIRE store will be 28% OFF! This book pack is only $1.99 to begin with so that's a pretty sweet deal :) Enjoy!!

Ok, as promised I will now tell you a little bit about the AMAZING giveaway that will be happening August 11th-17th!!
Here are some of the prizes: TpT gift cards, Target gift card {$50.00!!}, Amazon gift card {$100.00!!!!!!}, 31 gift bag, laminator, TpT products!!! Check out Where the Magic Happens for images and a complete list of the goodies!!!

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