Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dollar Store Delights!

So while shopping for paper products for our BBQ this past weekend I discovered a treasure trove of organizing delights!!! As several of you know I am staying home with the Little Bean at the moment, otherwise I would have been snatching up a bunch of these things for my classroom! I took some photos to share with you all :) I hope you find some of these gems at your local Dollar Store too!!
What a great sorting tray in the top middle! I love the boxes with the lids too for markers, crayons etc. 

Great tubs and baskets for anything and everything!

Purple! Love the little buckets! Have you ever read Have You Filled a Bucket Today? If not, I definitely recommend it. It's a wonderful story about kindness. These little buckets would be perfect for implementing this idea into your classroom!

These little dishes are adorable! Not sure exactly what I would use them for but I know I could think of something :) Aaaand, they come 4 to a pack! $.25 each?? Whaaaat??!! :)

I like these because you can never loose the lids! Haha 

Need new table organizers? Also, check out the adorable woven baskets!

 I love these baskets!

So many shapes and sizes! It's a beautiful sight :)

{And no, I am not being paid by the Dollar Store to promote their products ;) How sweet would that be though?! ;)}


  1. I was there yesterday and it was very hard to contain myself (forgive the pun???). I already have storage containers that only hold other storage containers. I love all the colors. I ended up with one of the round clothes baskets because I need something to hold reading buddies (stuffed animals), velcro, and a tiny plastic dresser thing. IDK what will live in it, but I NEEDED it. lol

    1. Haha Sharron, love it :) Of course you needed them! You know if you hadn't gotten them then when you set up your room soon you'd keep finding things that they would have been just perfect for ;) I don't even have a classroom to set up at the moment and it took all my will power not to stock up!!